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"I undertook a solo expedition to New Guinea in 2010, with the aim of climbing Australasia's 3 highest peaks. The mountain ranges I planned to visit were remote; several days trek from the nearest airstrips. Ross’s one-to-one Advanced First Aid course designed a bespoke, intensive Wilderness Medical Intervention course for me, which gave me the confidence to deal with any medical emergency. His teaching was clear and constructive and I was grateful to tap into his extensive pool of expedition medical expertise. He made sure that I left the UK with the necessary medical supplies and the skills to use them."

Ricky Munday, Adventurer

[The following was written to the organisation that sponsored me to do the advanced course]

I ended up using the training on myself and brother-in-law when we were hit by a drunk motorcyclist who'd lost control of his bike 2 days before Christmas. It's amazing how much the (advanced) training equipped me to deal with my brother-in-law (who was lying in the road semiconscious with blood coming out of his head and pain in his legs) in a calm and professional manner despite being in pain myself and not knowing how much damage had been done to my knee. As there are no ambulances or paramedics you are responsible for making sure that no more damage gets done as you get patients to hospital - having done the course meant that the training kicked in and everything was quite automatic despite the scary-ness of the situation (being hit from behind on a dark road, no lights except our torches, deserted location that quickly became a large crowd of people, foreign language, no immediate medical help and in pain).

Mr T. Nepal

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Whilst we provide accredited outdoor and expedition first aid courses, the majority of our courses are combined with advanced training for remote overseas locations

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