Rav Wilding Testimonial

‘I took part and won the 2011 ITV series of 71 Degrees North. It was filmed well withing the arctic circle in some of the most inhospitable conditions on the planet. Due to the extreme physical nature of the show, injuries and illness were common.
Dr "Ross" Anderson was present throughout the duration of the expedition over a month in total. He was able to expertly advise on safety and prevention, as well as treating anything we presented him! I personally suffered amongst others  , cold induced asthma by far the worst I've ever had, frost damage to toes, and deep cuts requiring sutures and dressing, all of which were treated by Dr Ross "in the field" enabling me to carry on and ultimately win the show.
Dr Ross' first hand experience of such extreme conditions were invaluable - enabling him to work to the best of his ability and knowledge in such an unforgiving environment.
Rav Wilding
TV presenter
71 Degrees North Winner.  
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