Adventure Medical Consulting is well placed to help with your remote media requirements.

On-set experience has been with productions screened on the BBC and ITV, from the Arctic to Africa. Contacts with extensive logistical, expedition and media experience can be drawn upon to form the ideal team for your needs.

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Risk Assessment

Working in inhospitable and remote places brings with it significant challenges and hazards. We can arrange for written risk assessments by highly experienced individuals with areas of expertise suited to your production. Personnel with appropriate field skills can be supplied if required.

Adventure Medical Training Courses

First aid courses

Whilst we provide accredited outdoor and expedition first aid courses, the majority of our courses are combined with advanced training for remote overseas locations

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Advanced courses

We will take time to discuss your requirements and provide you with bespoke advanced training. This is intended for use overseas where medical help is more than approximately 3 hours away.

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