Notes for doctors and suitably trained leaders

NOTE: leaders using prescription medications must have been trained in their use by a doctor.

WARNING: These notes are not a substitute for expert advice. The author has made every effort to ensure that the information given is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, he is unable to accept responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person, caused by errors and omissions, or as a result of the advice and information given.

Altitude Illness

Adventure travel pre-trip preparation (medical practitioners only)

More useful information on these and other subjects can be found in Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine, which can be ordered by emailing Treksafe.

Adventure Medical Training Courses

First aid courses

Whilst we provide accredited outdoor and expedition first aid courses, the majority of our courses are combined with advanced training for remote overseas locations

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Advanced courses

We will take time to discuss your requirements and provide you with bespoke advanced training. This is intended for use overseas where medical help is more than approximately 3 hours away.

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